Managing Evaluations

Under this heading, I include posts on everything relevant to the management of the evaluation project cycle as well as the institutionalisation of evaluation practices in administrations and the diffusion of these practices. The evaluation project cycle includes among other things tendering, project management and steering, dissemination of results and feedback. The posts below are thus mostly relevant to commissioners and managers of evaluations.

AEA-Conference 2013 – First day’s impressions

Today, the 2013 AEA Evaluation conference started here in Washington DC. The programme is indeed impressive. It lasts four days and contains countless presentations, workshops, debates etc. The programme hand-out is a 2 cm thick A4-brick full of details about

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Article in ‘Evaluation News’ – The Danish Evaluation Association’s newsletter

Hi there, Last week I had a small article published in ‘EvalueringsNyt’ (Evaluation News) – the Danish Evaluation Association’s newsletter. The article is a spin-off of some ideas related to my phd-studies, which I presented at the Danish Evaluation Association’s

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Will the M make the &E redundant in the age of big data?

Monitoring and evaluation, or M&E, are two approaches to assess public interventions. Evaluation is commonly understood to be retrospective, whereas monitoring is on-going during the implementation of the intervention. In the dawning time of big data following the invention of

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